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So you could read something about close cousins or brothers of Pleiadians!
Ashtar 46
Hyadean Aliens are extra terrestrials that make their home in the Hyades
Star Cluster in the constellation Taurus the Bull.   The Hyades Star Cluster
consists of 300 to 400 stars and is approximately 151 light years from the
planet earth.  The Hyadeans populate a number of planets throughout the
star systems present in this part of the galaxy that stretches over 80 light
years in diameter.

Many associate the largest star in the apparent direction, Aldebaran, with the
Hyades systems but in reality has nothing to do with the neighborhood of
planets and is much closer to earth.  The star systems of the Hyades stretch
into what is called the Hyades stream which is a number of star systems many
of which contain extra terrestrial life.  The Hyades stream nearly stretches half
way to the Pleiades star cluster which is approximately 440 light years from

earth with a diameter of 43 light years.  The Pleiades also harbor a great
amount of extra terrestrial life through its star systems.  Paranormal
researchers often call this part of the universe the “band of life” as
significant amount of life of extra terrestrial beings are said to reside in this
part of the galaxy.

The Hyadeans are refugees of the constellation Lyra after the first great
galactic conflict.  When the Lyran home world Avalon was brutally savages
by Reptilian aggressors, the inhabitants of that star system fled throughout
the galaxy.  While a great many fled to the Pleiades and other star systems
some of these Lyrans made their way to the Hyades Star Cluster to start a
new home.  The Hyadeans have remained much less active in galactic
diplomacy then their brothers the Pleiadians.  Little is known about the race
of Hyadeans although they have been reported to be contactees
channeling individuals on earth.   The Hyadean aliens are humanoid said to
look very similar to Pleiadians and have a similar “nordic” look.  The
Hyadean civilization stood as a “frontier” territory for the lyrans seeking
refuge from their invaders.  Since, the Hyadean civilization has grown and
prospered spreading life throughout the Hyades stream.



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