Manifestation of Ashtar

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Original article was in German; that’s a translation in english, respecting authenticity of original version.

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Ashtar 46


                                                                  Manifestation of Ashtar

                                                 “Good evening, brothers of the earth!

It seems to me necessary to talk with you. Of course, I took many by introducing myself as your brother Ashtar rating.

Today when I manifest myself with you, it is to tell you that your world is really under way, and that we will soon be close to you that you will first go through a non-time, which will happen in each of you; These non-time will be seen in the global energy of your Mother Earth and all life. It is really you configure in the fourth dimension, which is also the premise for the fifth dimension, but which is also the sign of the great purification.

When I speak in this way with you, it is to tell you to have no fear; The only thing that will allow you certain things that happen in you and certain events that will happen to you to live the best, is to develop in you the trust and love to have entirely confidence and also to be aware that terrestrial humanity has not left that we take more and more physically and visually contact with the governments. We get in touch with the scientists, with all those who can bring the company forward to another consciousness and brotherhood.

Would we show us today the world would certain peoples, including those who are totally immersed in what you call religion, saying “It is a manifestation of the devil!”

These nations must open and wake up. It is thanks to the awareness and the love of those who will have understood that this awareness will spread like an oil stain that gradually the people understand and can wake up.

There will be a big change in consciousness, a large vibration change, a change in the conception of life, but also a refusal to go there, which is not in you and in your society light. However, it will be a moment of hesitation, during which people will no longer know which side they are going, because the dark light will decorate with its attractive things one last time, to manipulate to gullible people.

But the earth, which has a wonderful mission will be helped; I would like to tell you that it will be the last time, because then it will be a jewel on which it will be good to live, a world will be a world of permanent self-reflection, a world of light.

This world of light will have been to a certain extent created by you people, by the blood that you have shed, and even through the violence that will have you exceeded. You had to go into the deepest of matter to aufzufahren again and go upwards. The present humanity was in the depths of matter and begins aufzufahren and gradually go up “.

He shows me now a lot of human and non-human creatures, of which I do not see the face; Activate themselves, advise them and help them.

“There is a cohesion between all these beings who really want to help this beautiful planet before too heavy things for humanity and for the planet go.

The planet Earth, such as the various human characteristics, who have lived on it and in it, the end of his suffering goes on, the end of the darkness. Now in all hearts the love and brotherhood is required. We hear your voices, but you have the impression that we do not hear your cries. We are not deaf, but the transformation of the world, like the people, requires a certain time.

It also needs a certain amount of time, so that humanity accepted their Galactic brothers; She was deceived so many times, so much manipulated? It is understandable that they doubt now that they are about what we are asking questions. All answers will be given to you soon.

The moment of non-return has come! Governments are cornered, a wall behind them and they will be forced, in a relatively short time now, to tell the truth. The Dark is still in this world, but it will no longer have this impact on humanity, which it had until now. The awareness of certain people, politicians, rulers, scientists, etc., will be suddenly enlightened. For others, it is in contrast not be the case because they stuck too deep in the dark light: This will therefore disappear, quite simply. They will continue to make the teaching of life on other worlds.

I, Ashtar, and my Galactic brothers, enable us more and more in this world and on several planets in your solar system. We are, in some ways, rehabilitate the planet Mars, which is then able to take up a small portion of terrestrial humanity. The Great hierarchies have the ability to rehabilitate the planet; You will rehabilitate the planet Mars and the Moon, by doping it with a new atmosphere.

Everything will change deep in your solar system. This change will suddenly arrive, for this reason you must accept us right now and accept our reality, even if you can not see us. ”

I see him now; He has a great look. He is accompanied by other galactic beings. It’s amazing, I see a light that goes out from his clothing or from Him. He tells me:

“I am a bit like you, but I’m different. What you see is a vibration, an energy that allow us to condense on the planet Earth and now allows us to consolidate ourselves if we important nature contact this world want this “important beings” can be an artist or an athlete, because you are very obsessed celebrity;. this is important for people, not for all, of course, but for those who are not quite woken up I and my. brothers more and more to help those who really serve the light.

I’ll just add: Very soon you will see what you could call a planet, or what we call a huge ship Planet. Forget not that, so your solar system is complete, it takes twelve planets, and make it in the vibration is really love, it takes two suns. This will be! The two suns are the fifth show at the end of the fourth dimension, and at the beginning.

With my whole power of love I greet you say unto the end: Although you sometimes have the impression that your life escapes you, even if you have the impression that nothing turns around on your planet, in contrast also what your thinks everything is about to stabilize. ”

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